Navi 🦁 on X: Knightess of the Darkmoon #NaviFFXIV #DarkSouls An FFXIV glamour inspired by the Darkmoon Knightness to celebrate the 9th anniversary of Dark Souls. The watchful fire keeper of Anor

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Neo Knight Armor for Men and Women. - The Glamour Dresser : Final Fantasy XIV Mods and More

Glamour Spotlight: Tanks #39 – Fashion Ninjutsu

Navi 🦁 on X: Astora Knight #NaviFFXIV A tanking glamour in FFXIV to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Dark Souls series. This set is inspired by Oscar, Knight of Astora, who

Dark Knight – Fashion Ninjutsu

Darkmoon Knightess

Glamour Spotlight: Tanks #39 – Fashion Ninjutsu

Glamour Collection

Matthew Lune-d'azur Blog Entry `Dark Knight Glamour`

Infernax inspired Dark Knight