Patterns of Time 1901-1908 Straight-Fronted Edwardian Corset Pattern, Corsets-Undergarments

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PA106- 1901-1908 "Straight-Fronted" Edwardian Corset Pattern. Multi-sized 8 through 26

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This PDF e-pattern pack contains 9 full size printable PDF corset patterns dating 1900-1910 from the book, Corset Cutting and Making by Marion

9 Unique Edwardian Corset Patterns 1900-1910 digital E Pattern printable PDF Pack One from Corset Cutting and Making

Complete Catalog - Patterns of Time

This corset pattern is based on the styles seen in 1903. It has the low, full bust and long hip needed to create the pigeon breast look that was

TVE01 - 1903 Edwardian Corset


2007 Catalog Complete, PDF, Corset

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Past Pattern 1901-1908 Straight-Fronted Edwardian Corset Sewing

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Edwardian Corset Pattern 1906 Ref Madame US Size 0 to 28